Turn Your Email List into a Profit Stream


We use data to make sure your email list returns revenue, month after month after month.

Patients – Your Lowest-Hanging Fruit:

  • We tag your email list based on information collected in your office.

  • Every tag is tied to procedures your patient is ripe for, today and tomorrow.

  • We reach out to patients with the right messages at the right time.

Patient and Leads:

  • We send beautiful, persuasive newsletters to everyone on your list.

  • Each newsletter contains click-bait designed to tease out subscriber interest.

  • We build lists of subscribers likely to seek out specific procedures/improvements.

  • We follow up with timed messages that bring them to your door.


With targeting and timing we turn your email list into a continuous profit stream.

For an overview of our newsletter service watch this 30-second video. 




There are many newsletter services out there, some dedicated specifically to your industry.  So why choose Practice Helpers?



ONLY Email

We don’t do PPC, website development, Facebook posts, re-targeting…none of it.  We focus on the email channel alone to make the most of its direct reach into people’s lives.

ONLY Aesthetic Medicine

We know your industry up, down, around and sideways.  You don’t have to explain to us why some patients prefer SculpSure over CoolSculpting, or why some mini-facelifts work and others suck. This saves you TIME. 

11 YEARS at this!

“Established in 2005” – We’re talking Pre-Facebook! The Pleistocene Era of Internet Marketing! We’ve kept up throughout every wind-tunnel-speed event in Digital Time. If we weren’t good at this, we’d be flattened by now. 


Here are few testimonials from our valued customers

The content I get from Practice Helpers perfectly reflects my personality and the character of my practice. I’m a very innovative practitioner, a fact Joyce and her team showcase constantly. The authenticity of the content she produces has helped us forge a community of avid fans.
2015 will mark our 9th year working with Practice Helpers. Their content is always first-rate. It’s has helped me cultivate close bonds with my patients. The result has been a consistently high level of repeat business and referrals.
Joyce’s scripts and her prodding help me stay on task with my videos. The service is completely turn-key, coordinating seamlessly with my social posts and my website. I can focus on other things knowing this part of my outreach is handled.
Joyce is a gifted writer with a great email marketing solution for medical practices.
Ryan Miller, Etna Interactive
Way before social media came along, Joyce understood that customers don’t want to be ‘sold,’ they want to get to know the doctor better. She consistently put my philosophy and personality in front of my patients and leads. Her messsages were an important part of our branding.
James Chappell, M.D., F.A.C.S., Annapolis Plastic Surgery, Severna Park, MD
Practice Helpers e-newsletters combine the best qualities of the old-fashioned doctor’s newsletter with the cutting-edge power of the Internet.
Roland Perez, Exec. Producer, American Health Journal, PBS
Practice Helpers e-newsletters are cost-effective and dignified. I thoroughly approve of them.
Karen Zupko, Zupko & Associates
We did our research and looked at quality, pricing, industry experience, reputation and customer service. We identified Practice Helpers as the best solution for Email content.
Traci James, Partner, Company D, LLC
Practice Helpers’ deep understanding of cosmetic medicine made it easy for me to order content that spoke to our patients’ deepest wishes. I’m certain the warm persona she created for us helped maintain our consistently high profits.